Neighbours ft. Kristopher James

by indelible

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First single and video of the upcoming Indelible album "Long Run Home".
Music video directed by D. Thompson (Invisible) available here:


Indelible "Neighbours" ft. Kristopher James
(J. Edmondson, L.Edmondson, K. Langemann)

Chorus: (Kristopher James)

I don't care I'm just haven fun,
ain't leaving till the party's done,
we just don't give a fuck we're actin like we're crazy!

Got the DJ spinning all night long,
keep it goin till the early morn,
it ain't a party till the neighbours are complaining!

Verse 1: (illucid)

After a long week I feel like I just dove in the deepend,
I'm done with the bullshit, it's time for the weekend,
and I've been weakened - I'm always on the run
don't need no reason - for me to have some fun
You only get one life, so you better get it in or you'll be left outside…
I need a minute just to step outside the box,
liven free now I can rest without the locks
Listen close and zone on the medicine,
get you another dose we can toast like veterans
We could think about the past but right now is better than,
take it all in cause the morning will settle in…
We on an all-time high tonight,
everybody put your fists in the sky tonight,
take a risk get twisted and lie tonight,
do something that you never would have tried tonight!



I don't care, I don't care I'm just havin fun
I don't care, I don't care I'm just havin fun…
till the neighbours are complaining!

Verse 2: (J Thorn)

Flip your position I'm getting with you it's new school,
cause we been really given you shit that you can cruise to
Stick to your vision don't trip unless you choose to,
there's satellites of disinformation here to confuse you!
And as if that's a mystery,
you may not exist, adding insult to injury
How do we get used to a place where the tree falls,
and we don't hear a thing cause we're caught up in a freefall - too
I been stuck in overdrive,
I ain't really liven nothing but a soldiers lifestyle
with a hundred million miles to go,
how I'm really glad I'm rollin down this coaster ride now
And I don't care I'm just havin fun
drink in my hand like how am I still standin up?
So it's on till I ghost,
it's either really my time or it's really my time to go.


Refrain x2


released August 21, 2012
J Thorn, illucid, Kristopher James
(J. Edmondson, L. Edmondson, K. Langemann)



all rights reserved


indelible Vancouver, British Columbia

International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible is known for their captivating, high energy live performances. Since 2010 they've developed an avid following and a loyal fan base. Now releasing their third album, the EP Long Run Home 2, sequel to the sophomore full length LP Long Run Home, Indelible is positioned to re - establish their mark on top of the hip hop scene. ... more

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