Down That Road w/ Fastlane (from Our Present Future) FREE

by indelible

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released April 30, 2010



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indelible Vancouver, British Columbia

International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible is known for their captivating, high energy live performances. Since 2010 they've developed an avid following and a loyal fan base. Now releasing their third album, the EP Long Run Home 2, sequel to the sophomore full length LP Long Run Home, Indelible is positioned to re - establish their mark on top of the hip hop scene. ... more

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Track Name: Indelible - Fast lane

Got a hook I'm singin,
no roof over my head,
time flyin never playin it slow,
and wherever I go (I go..)
"I'm takin the Fast Lane"
and wherever I go (I go..)
"you know I'm takin the Fast Lane"

I take a look at my livin,
picturin what's ahead,
I'd be lyin if I said that I know,
and wherever I go (I go..)
"I'm takin the Fast Lane"
and wherever I go (I go..)
"you know I'm takin the Fast Lane"

Verse 1 (illucid)

My minds spinnin like a carbide blade in a saw,
I'm never slowin down,
squeezin on the trigger, let off, I'm speedin
I got a plot to stay away from the cops, believe it,
cause I seen my fair share of illegal search and seizures,
and I'm just leavin, a really long weekend,
when I'm on the phone man, they keep me on speaker,
cause I'm the twenty-four track, you're the receiver,
everything I do man I do it so eager,
I live fast, maybe die young, but I'll be ready when my time comes,
besides, I've got a vision of retirement,
I wanna make it, but the stakes is so high,
I can't take it, I can take it!


Verse 2 (JT420)

I'm on a jet ski, runnin out of lake,
I'm coming up,
fast lane, soakin up the rays
I'm burning up,
aimin at a beach full of ladies,
I pull it up,
never knowin what direction i'm a take,
so I full it up,
say you got a bottle, if you need it let's crack it,
we got a lot of livin free to fit into this crooked jacket,
look at me and step back if your not just movin with traffic
my time is flyin, I ain't lyin, I've been trying to grab it,
Christian Bale cause I'm focused, when they see me on the set
make it all so Indelible so y'all never forget,
we ain't slowing up this jet, we at a speed that's breakin necks,
hold your head, I'll be impressed, just don't worry bout the stress...


Bridge (not included in video)

They keep us stuck in this rat race,
and even on bad days,
we never get a chance just to chill and be slow
We keepin up in this cash game,
and lovin the fast lane,
that's why you'll never catch us without somewhere to roll,
and wherever i go (I go..)
"I'm takin the Fast Lane"
and whenever i go (I go..)
"you know I'm takin the Fast Lane"
They keep us stuck in this rap game,
we chill in the passin lane,
still you'll never catch us goin down that road (down that road)
Track Name: Indelible - Down That Road

(I said)
Oh, aahh,
I've been down this road before
Oh, aahh,
I've been down this road before
Oh, aahh,
I ain't goin down that road no more
Oh, aahh,
I ain't goin down that road no more

Verse 1 (JT420)

Well I said I gotta mash, get my cash, if I crash I'm a be allright,
caught up in the moment I been movin at the speed of light,
got me up at five in the mornin thinkin I'm on a mic,
spittin everything I've ever written in my life.
No regrets I'm alive stayin wise when I read em,
got a fire in my eyes so I light em when I need em,
I'm in drive all the time, Mister out to get mine,
flip the switch let it blow, I just thought I'd let you know i said...


Verse 2 (illucid)

No I ain't goin down that road, cause that street is behind me,
I've been sellin all my soul, like you needed to find me,
not like I was hidin, or drinkin and drivin,
I've seen the whole world illuminated by high-beams,
flip to sirens, check out the way we ridin,
look at all the places I've been,
now why would I want to be going back there,
take a little puff and i'm blowin jack-harer,
don't give a (explative) if you think that's fairer,
put a few few miles on an empty tank,
just drivin around tryin to find my bank.....