Lift Me Up MIXTAPE VERSIONS (Instrumental & TV)

by indelible

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Instrumental and TV mixes for Indelible's "Lift Me Up" - FREE FOR REMIX/MIXTAPE USE - from the album "Long Run Home" - Lift Me Up music video:


released September 12, 2013

Produced by J Thorn @ Paranoyd Productions




indelible Vancouver, British Columbia

International Songwriting Competition winning hip hop group Indelible is known for their captivating, high energy live performances. Since 2010 they've developed an avid following and a loyal fan base. Now releasing their third album, the EP Long Run Home 2, sequel to the sophomore full length LP Long Run Home, Indelible is positioned to re - establish their mark on top of the hip hop scene. ... more

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Track Name: Lift Me Up ACAPELLA

I’m getting higher when they lift me up
Been so wired since they hit me up
I’m on fire cause they lit me up
It’s allright
I’m on fire cause they lit me up
All night
I’m getting higher when they lift me up
Verse 1 (J Thorn):
We ain't feelin no low tonight
Told you once if I told you twice
Some guys seem to have all the luck
If that what's makin you so uptight
It's all good now golden right
Just don't slip to my molten side
Tough to risk but I bet the farm and I rolled them dice
Basic instinct, mace and n sync, flip the coin, yo
take your chips and don't miss the point No
Big casino, but I gamble still when I hold the mic
that's what I want at five in the mornin I'm linin em up
High off the rush
Can't vibe me enough ,
never had a feelin like fire in a flood
desires on the bluff I'm always eyein her up
Ya eyesight (echo)


Verse 2 (illucid):

The control that they got
Got me lost a bit,
Its almost like we all just hostages
So we gather up the troops
Do the opposite
We need just one night livin off the grid
Big trucks, big fire , lots of spliffs
You know we all ready for apocalypse
Can't drink the river water from its toxicness
Cause its more about the money that the bosses get
And I aint worried bout the losses yet
They make profit, while we lost in debt
But it’s more than the cost of it
We gotta settle up the score
Funny how we all lost a bit
so light me up now u can see I'm on fire
When U Lift me up why do u lift me up high